Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time to Improve My Handwriting

I've decided that I just can't live with my handwriting anymore. My new job involves printing patient names on the daily schedule and on the treatment pages of their charts. I also have to create legible notes for the other Receptionist and record any messages for the chiropractors.

I know my printing is legible, but it's not pretty at all. I have decided that I will leave 'looped-cursive' alone for now and try out the new/old style of writing called Italic. It's been around for hundreds of years so it can't be all bad. :) I find it to be a very clear easy to read script and hopefully I can re-train my hand to write it. Anything has to be better than my current mix between printing and cursive (some letters joined some not, some cursive some printed).

The book I chose to help me change my handwriting, Write Now, suggested I create a sample of my writing 'now' to look back on. I've printed the sample. I don't dare show my script, I don't think it has changed at all since I learned it when I was 9. There is something sad about being my age and writing like a 9 yr old. That is something I hope to change.

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