Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treat for Myself :)

I spoiled myself today. I took a trip into Vancouver to a lovely little penshop on Cambie, Perks. I have been interested in Fountain pens for ages and since I've decided to improve my penmanship I figure I deserve to have a nice pen. I've been lurking on The Fountain Pen Network for a while now and had a very clear idea of what I wanted for my first pen and what colour I wanted for ink. I had decided ages ago that I wanted to buy ink in a bottle rather than using cartridges, it's more cost effective and soooo many more choices!

My first choice in ink colours, Midnight Blue by Noodler's, wasn't available so I got a lovely very dark purple called Purple Martin again by Noodler's. I took a picture of the ink but the sample doesn't show the purple shading that I can see in person.

I had a good time in the shop looking at all the lovely pens well out of my price range and am very pleased with my purchase of a Lamy Safari pen the colour of which is "Al-Star Purple." I'm sensing a theme with these colours. *Grin* I also got a couple of Clairefontaine notebooks. I've read a lot of rave reviews about these notebooks and didn't really understand why until I saw them in person. The paper is so smooth and so soft feeling, the pen just glides over the page with no resistance from the paper. I know I'm going to enjoy practicing my printing and cursive in these notebooks.

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