Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer is Almost Over

I can't believe the summer has gone by so fast. Actually the last several months have gone by pretty quickly.

I really enjoyed being able to be home with Son before and after school. I know he was happier home with me than at daycare. It was important to me to be able to work with Son on his printing and reading for more than 1/2 hr a day crammed in between dinner and bed. I think he learned a lot, hopefully he hasn't forgotten all of it over the summer! We still have a Math tutor coming in every week so I know that he has gained some ground there and I know his reading hasn't degraded, but I'm still not sure if it's up to 'grade level' whatever that is suppose to be. I'm hoping that he gets a good teacher that will expect good things from him and not just accept the least he is willing to offer. He tends to 'test' new teachers to see how little he can do and have them accept it. This lead to a huge difference in his printing and reading at home vs. school last year, with him doing better work at home. His teacher said that it was because he had 1-on-1 instruction at home, but the Resource teacher had no idea that he was capable of so much until we told her... in March!!! At least they all know what he can/could do now, and this information should be passed on to his new teacher.

I took a huge step this month, I got a job! I am now working 2.5 days a week at my Chiropractors office. This type of work is very new to me, I've not had to deal with the public so much since my retail days back when I was working my way through BCIT. After almost 2 years of working from home this alone was a culture shock. Then add in medical files and patient payments and Gait Scans and you get an idea of all the little things that I have to learn in order to get through the day. My first full day alone kinda fell apart in the afternoon: I forgot to write in new patients on the Chiropractors schedule; I didn't schedule enough time to pull the next days files; I kept forgetting small steps that would have made the afternoon go faster; oh ya, and a patient called at 3:30pm to make an appointment for that day and wouldn't believe me when I said we were booked and closed at 5pm. All in all, it took me about an hour longer to close up than it should have. The next full day alone went much smoother, I was only 10 minutes behind. I have hope that I'll survive this and continue to get better at expecting the unexpected.

I know I said I wanted to work from home at least part of the time, but this is a good compromise.I will be able to walk Son to school 3 days a week and pick him up 2 days a week. Another Mom will take him home with her on the 3 days I work later and Hubby will pick him up from there. It should work out just fine for all of us. Not to say that if I had a chance to work only from home and walk him to and from school everyday that I wouldn't be tempted, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for the 'dream job' to show up.

This week will be all about learning to wake up early again. It figures that my Son, who would normally wake up at 7am no matter what time he went to bed, would pick this summer to learn how to sleep in. He usually wakes up between 8:30am and 9am now, which just won't work in a couple of weeks when school starts at 9am and he has to be fed, dressed and walked over there before that. I am planning to wake him up a little earlier each morning this week so that by the end of the week he's at least waking up before 8am. That is the goal anyway, wish me luck. :)

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