Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I broke it!

I decided to give OpenInkpot a try on my BeBook. OpenInkpot is a custom 3rd party firmware which works on all of the Hanlin clones, of which the BeBook is one.

Being me, I chose to load the 'experimental' version instead of the 'released and stable version,' just because I like to be bleeding edge when I can and I love all the new features. This does increase my chances of 'breaking' the firmware, which I did. I'll admit that I LOVE bookmarks, early firmware on my Cybook taught me to bookmark often and I learned well. I tend to place a bookmark every 10-20 pages or so just to be sure if anything happens I can get back fairly close to where I left off. This kind of backfired on me with the OpenInkpot pre-0.2 20090326 snapshot. I did my usual multiple bookmarks per book, well over the 'standard 5-8' that Hanlin firmware usually provides. There were no error messages, but somewhere after 7 bookmarks I stopped being able to see the bookmark list. In fact it froze my poor BeBook and I had to reset. I was able to duplicate this error in another eBook and shot off an error report to OpenInkpot. I'm sure they will include that fix in the next update.

Why did I try OpenInkpot instead of staying with the BeBook firmware? Well, I wanted smaller fonts and OpenInkpot provides that. With Version 0.2 I also get most of the features that I was use to with the BeBook firmware. I Love this firmware and will continue to use it, with fewer bookmarks, until BeBook comes out with their next release, then I'll have to jump back and try it out. :)

Bookshelf Navigation:

back/forward page
1-8 open Nth file ( long press the key to choose the bookreader ) / go to the Nth directory
9/0 back/forward page
+ context menu (pressing + then 1 opens context menu for first file on screen, + then 2 for second, etc.)
<- exit menu or go to parent directory if no menu is open
OK open main menu

Mobipocket eBooks use FBReader with these commands:

back/forward page
1 move back
2 go to page...
long pressed 2 toggle status line
3 set bookmark
long pressed 3 show bookmarks (long press bookmark number to delete in bookmarks list)
4/5 back/forward section
6 cycle through the footnotes on the current page
7 table of contents
8 hyperlink navigation mode / jump to the highlighted hyperlink
long pressed 8 search text
9/0 back/forward page
+/- change font size
<- exit to bookshelf
OK settings

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