Thursday, April 23, 2009

BeBook and the Public Library

People have traditionally used the Library to get access to books without spending vast amounts of $ to support their reading habit. Recently several Public Libraries around the world have added Mobipocket and Adobe PDF eBooks to their circulation. Since the BeBook reads Mobipocket eBooks it would be logical to think that they can read eBooks from the library and they can... with a little help. As with the Cybook a simple fix has been devised to set the Date and Time on the BeBook which allows Library eBooks to 'expire' as expected and allows us to never again see the dreaded "This ebook is not active yet" message.

The script for this fix has been endorsed by the BeBook Support staff in this thread: "This eBook is not active yet". So feel free to follow these instructions and read any Mobipocket Library eBook you want. For a comprehensive list of libraries to get your eBook fix from check out's "EBook Lending Libraries" Wiki.

Download settime.exe.fb2 (the extension should be .fb2) and save it to your SD card, then go to the bookshelf and open settime.exe.fb2

You will see the menu for making the changes. DO NOT PRESS "Cancel" BUTTON on your BeBook during this process. If you do so, you will not harm the device, but you would have to reset it by pressing the reset button on the back of BeBook. You will see the spinning symbol making it appear that the file is still loading, this is normal, go ahead and navigate as below.

The navigation is simple:
  • keys 1 and 2 select the thing that you want to change (hour, min, year, OK, etc)
  • keys keys 4, 5 and 9, 0 do the increment or decrement for the selected field.
  • Cancel -- exit without saving.
  • Ok -- save and exit.
The time and date will be saved in the BeBook memory only until you switch it off. There is no backup battery inside so that information (the configured time/date) cannot be kept or preserved. Just put your BeBook into 'standby mode' with the short press of the power button, this will not run down your battery as fast as leaving it on.

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