Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Poor Eye!

Recently I had an eye infection followed by the flu. This was pure misery as my Son was also sick with the flu so I couldn't lay on the couch and mindlessly watch daytime TV. I did finally get better and have had almost 3 weeks of good health.

Today I woke up with my right eye stuck together with goop and as the morning progressed it got more red and inflamed. I did what you are always told not to, I used some of my antibiotic drops from last time just to try to help it feel better. I have an appointment with the Dr later today. Hopefully it won't take too long to clear up.

I'm a little worried as this is the second infection in this eye in two months. This can't be good for my vision. I'm also wondering if it might be related to the silicon plugs I have in my tear ducts. They were put in after my eye surgery due to dry eyes. I'm wondering if the bacteria is getting trapped in there somehow and reinfecting my eye. Something to ask the Dr I guess.

I heard a rumour that the Canadian Optometrists will be able to prescribe drugs for eye related illness starting in May. This seems like a really good thing to me. It just makes sense to have an eye specialist be able to make those decisions.

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