Friday, March 28, 2008

Wacky Weather

Ok, so the last time I checked it was March, and the end of March at that. Sooooo, where is all this snow coming from? I mean, I live on the West Coast of BC, Canada. We are famous for lots of rain this time of year, it gives us green grass and flowers when the rest of the country is digging themselves out and looking forward to a thaw. We are *not* use to snow this time of year at all!!!

Yesterday we had a lovely range of weather, it started out cloudy, the sun came out for a while, it snowed up a storm, then cleared up again. I got caught in some hail with my son around 6pm after grocery shopping, and the sun was shining brightly by the time we got home. Today it is snowing again, nice big fluffy flakes which are actually starting to stick to the ground and covering up our grass and bushes.*Sigh* I think the
Weather Wardens in my area are on strike, or just having too much fun lately.

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