Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jikiden Reiki Training Completed

I recently took a 3 day course in Jikiden Reiki taught by Tadao Yamaguchi. I am now the proud owner of a English style certificate and a Hand printed Japanese certificate (From the Japanese Institute) declaring that I have completed both the Shoden and Okuden levels!!
It was such an incredible experience, the room used for the training felt like a sacred space and everyone was so friendly and warm, by the end of the training it felt like we were all friends. I learned so much about the history of Reiki, what a treat to get almost first hand knowledge on the facts! I loved the fact that there were 9 of us going through the course for the first time, the questions asked were ones I wanted answered but would never have thought to ask myself. Many of the "why" and "how come" questions that I was left with after my "Western Reiki" training were answered. Such as why the original group of teachers trained by Usui did not continue to spread the word about Reiki as he had wanted. Also why it was thought that Reiki had died out in Japan when obviously it was being practiced by Mr.Yamaguchi’s mother and others taught about the same time, if only in the homes.
The course was very detailed and no question was too small to be answered. There were 6 people who were trained to a level to give the Reju Empowerment’s. This meant that for each of the 5 Reju’s that were given as part of the training were given by each of the 6 people including Mr. Yamaguchi himself. Over 3 days I received 30 Reju’s, so powerful a feeling, my hands were hot with Reiki and my feet tingling with it by the end of the training.
If you ever have a chance to take a course from Sensei (Respected Teacher) Tadao Yamaguchi, take it! He is so expressive in his movements that I was watching him and then listening to the translatation to confirm what I thought he had said.

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