Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Busy Month!

August was pretty crazy, every single weekend was spoken for and going to work was actually relaxing at times comparitively!!

Friday, August 3rd we took off for camping in Fintry for 4 days. We camped on a private lot and drove down to the Fintry Camp Site, www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/fintry.html, during the day to swim and enjoy the lake breeze.

Monday, August 6th we arrived home and spent the week with my Mum who had arrive Saturday.

Saturday, August 11th we left Mum home with Spooky and took off for the Island to visit with my In-Laws. 5 Adults and 2 toddlers... the Adults were still out numbered! While on the Island we took the kids to the BC Forest Discovery Centre, www.bcforestmuseum.com/. My son was thrilled to be able to ride the train around the park, twice. The kids both enjoyed climbing all over the scale machines they had set up for a play area in the park.

Saturday, August 18th we went to swimming lessons with my son and his best buddy then hiked over to the playground for Best Buddy's 4th Birthday party.

Sunday, August 19th we went to my Niece's 3rd Birthday party.

Saturday, August 25th we went to swimming lessons with my son and his best buddy then hiked over to the playground for my Son's 4th Birthday party.

Whew!! I'm feeling tired again just reading that. No wonder I sucummed to a bad viral infection and cough last week! I'm feeling much better now that I had a few days off and a long weekend to rest up. Now all I have to deal with is 4 days at home with a 4 yr old and no Daddy to help me with him! Hubby is taking off to Vegas for a conference on Photoshop today and won't be back till Saturday evening. Bedtimes should be fun! Hopefully the bedtime routine we have in place will help things go fairly smoothly.

My son starts Pre-School tomorrow, this is a very big step. I feel a bit wierd because in the Pre-School orientation they were talking about the parents staying with the kids for the first day or so. However, we drop off Son at daycare in the morning and daycare brings Son to Pre-School, so I won't be there for him. Now I'm wondering if I should make sure I'm able to attend the Pre-School part of his day tomorrow so that he is like the other kids, or if I should let him be independant and go on his own.

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