Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Day at Preschool

Son had a great first day at Preschool last Wednesday. I decided to go with him to the first class so that he wouldn't be the only kid there without a parent. He couldn't wait to get into the classroom, we had to hold him back and remind him to put away his lunch stuff, go potty, and brush his teeth first.

It was a 'free play' day, no structure other than a good bye song at the end. He went right to the 'water and sand' station and started to play beside a girl from his daycare. He stayed there for a while and gave me smiles, he came over a few times for hugs as well. After about 10 min he started to play in other areas of the room and asked some kids thier names and told him thiers. I just sat at the table near the door and watched him play.

After the first 10 min he didn't even need to look for me, he was just happpy to be in the Preschool room and play with his new friends. At the end of the class he had a choice of going back to the daycare room with me, or staying for a while longer and having one of the teachers take him back.

He barely gave me a hug and a wave goodbye, he was so eager to get started on a puzzle. :)

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