Sunday, July 15, 2007

Feeling hot and tired

I'm completely over my tonsillitis now, gotta love modern drugs! Within 2 days of taking the pills 3 times a week the pain was gone!

Now I'm just tired. I think it is due to the heat. we have been having a major heat wave with temps around 30 Celsius or 86F. Considering I live on the West Coast of BC, this is way out of the range of normal for me. I have decided that I really prefer 18 C to 22 C, or around 70F, slightly overcast. What I have gotten is lots of heat requiring trips from air conditioned car to air conditioned shops and offices to fan circulated home. Sleeping is not fun when the portable air conditioner is running, I prefer a silent room. *Sigh*

I know I'm tired because I just went to check on my tea and discovered that I had put the tea bag in the basket (I use a coffee maker) and put the correct amount of water into the pot, but then instead of pouring the water into the reservoir, I had just put the pot onto the heading pad. It was a bit of a shock to go in looking for tea and seeing a completely clear liquid waiting for me! LOL It's all fixed now and I am going to go have a cup, maybe that will wake me up. :)

Well enough grumbling, the weather should get back to "normal" soon and then I'll be able to sleep again... I hope. :)

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