Tuesday, April 4, 2006

New Sight & 'Fun' at Daycare

I went for my eye exam on Thursday and found that my prescription wasn't quite as off as I had been led to believe but still different enough to warrant new lenses. I had to go back on Sunday to confirm the 'undilated' prescription and find the best prescription for me. By the end of my visit on Sunday I had 4 different prescriptions to choose from. It only took an hour for my new lenses to be ready and now I'm getting use to them. It is nice to have my eyes 'relaxed' and still be able to see!

My son started 'gradual entry' at his new daycare last week and loved it so much that he didn't want to leave to go to his old one when I picked him up. This week is a different story. He is now on full days and just wasn't expecting to still be there after lunch I guess. Yesterday he was fine getting ready for nap time, gave his friends kisses and lay down nicely, but then started to whimper and cry "I want Mummy!." One of the teachers had to hold him in her lap for 1/2 hour to settle him down. Sooo sad! So I had a nice talk with him about his day and all that he did and how I came to get him at the end of the day and that he didn't need to cry at nap time. Today was different again, he didn't cry, instead he sang very loudly and woke up half of the other kids. *sigh* Then when they told him he had to be quiet and lay nicely on his nap he started to cry for Mummy again. But otherwise he had a good day. He didn't make a bunny ear hat with the other kids though, he was having toooo much fun to stop and do art work. I never thought I'd see the day when My Boy would give up a chance to do art work. I am hoping that tomorrow goes better. They are going on a field trip to a studio for dance/music class. He should be tired out enough to actually sleep, or at least lay quiet at nap time after that. :)

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