Monday, April 10, 2006

Kids Eat??

Ever since I started feeding my son "solid food" I have been told not to worry about the amount he eats because "kids won't starve themselves." Well, maybe not, but if he doesn't like what we serve up for dinner he is perfectly willing to let himself go hungry.We found this nugget of information out this past week. For some unknown reason one night I just kept offering my son different things to eat after he stopped eating his dinner. Yogurt, apple sauce, fruit, that kind of thing. The kid just chowed down and low and behold he slept through the night too! The next night we didn't give him all that extra stuff since he seemed to have eaten quite a bit of his dinner. He had such a restless night! Kept waking up and rolling around while he slept and whimpering/talking in his sleep. So we tested it again, gave him lots of extra food the next night, and he slept through again! Amazing! All this time we thought he wasn't sleeping because he was too attached to us and wanted us with him all the time, or we didn't have a good enough bedtime routine, or he was just a light sleeper. It turns out he was just quielty waiting for us to clue in to the fact that he is stubborn and won't eat enough food to get full if he doesn't like it, even if he is hungry. I wonder where he got that from? ;)

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