Tuesday, March 14, 2006

If you like Harry Potter...

You will want to check out Psychic Serpent by Barb! This is a great series of novel length Harry Potter FanFic which covers years 5-7 at Hogwarts and a prequel. Four books set in the wonderfully rich Harry Potter world. Barb has done a great job blending her view of how Harry and his friends should develope with the world that was created by JK Rowling. These are must reads if you are in any way interested in HP FanFic. Find these stories and more at Barb's yahoo group Psychic_Serpent.

I have read the first 2 books and am working my way through the third. I can't put them down and have stayed up late more nights than I care to mention reading them. I even created Mobipocket versions of them all so that I could read them on my iPAQ! Of course I put those files up on Barb's Psychic_Serpent2 site so that everyone can access them too. It just blows me away that someone could/would take the time to create these stories knowing they get nothing back but the appreciation of thier fans. Barb certainly has my appreciation, she has brough hours and hours of enjoyable reading into my life.

They certainly came in handy the last few days when all I have felt like doing is reading. Being sick isn't fun, but stories like this that can take you out of your own world for a little while make it easier to bare.

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