Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still learning the eBook system after all these years

I've been wanting to read Rebecca York's "Moon series" for a long time, but up until now book 2 was not available in eBook format, neither was book 4. I am not one of those people who can jump around in a series and make it work and I like to have the entire series in the same format. I *could* have bought and downloaded books 1, 3, 5, 6, etc., and then purchased the paper versions of books 2 and 4. But then I would have to remember when re-reading that I have to go to the bookshelf for those 2 books instead of to my computer. Just doesn't work for me. So I purchased the Moon series eBooks that were available when they were on sale and patiently waited for the rest to arrive in the digital world.

My patience has finally been rewarded! Fictionwise has Book 2 "Edge of the Moon" & book 4 "Crimson Moon" available for purchase and immediate download! I'm thrilled, now I can finally see what all the fuss is about for this series! I still don't know why the publisher decided to release the back issues in such an odd order, but at least they finally released them all. I will be taking advantage of Fictionwise's 100% rebate offer to get these books so they will be free, sorta. :grinnocent: If you have a current 5 yr Buywise membership with Fictionwise you already qualify for 100% rebate on all their eBooks until June 21st. No, I don't work for them, I just love their Buywise special discounts. :smile:

On another note BooksOnBoard has changed their Rewards program. It use to be that if you purchased an eBook with rewards offered you had to email them your receipt to have the rewards added to your account. This was a great system for them as I know I missed out on several opportunities to get rewards simply by forgetting to email them my receipt. It was also good for us as the rewards were applied to your account even if you had used reward dollars to pay for all or a portion of the purchase. The updated process allows the rewards to be applied to your account automatically without any emails being sent. This is a good thing, unless you have several eBooks to purchase which have Reward specials applied. I purchased 4 Young Adult eBooks last night using the "YouthOnBoard" coupon code and used $6 reward dollars. All was fine until I mindlessly clicked past the warning which said
"PLEASE NOTE: If you apply Rewards Dollars to a purchase, you will not receive additional Rewards credit for the titles you purchased. Rewards Dollars cannot be used to earn further Rewards"
What I should have done is purchase One eBook with the coupon code and my $6 reward dollars, making it almost free. Then start a new order for the remaining three eBooks using the coupon code and no reward dollars so that I could get my $3 reward dollars issued to my account for the purchase, instead of the $0 I got by purchasing all 4 eBooks on the same order. *sigh* Live and learn I guess. Once again I've cost myself *free* money, but at least I got 22% off. :smile:

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