Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Alive!!!

When we last left my poor Cybook it was resting over night and drying out. The battery was put in a sink just in case it puffed up and burst into flames, apparently this can happen who knew. My lovely dark brown leather cover was also resting and drying but somehow I wasn't as worried about it as I was about possible flames in the sink and the glass substrate in my screen possibly being cracked.

This morning I approached the sink with trepidation and was very relieved to see that the battery was still looking like a battery and seemed OK. I brought it over to the Cybook and carefully connected it up again. I resisted the urge to reset/start/otherwise fiddle with the Cybook and started it charging. Three hours later I couldn't take it anymore, I reset the Cybook and pressed the Power button to start it up. The boot screen loaded!!! The 2nd boot screen loaded!! It found the 2 books stored in memory! *Thrilled* Next I inserted the SD card and waited... nothing happened. I reset and restarted the Cybook again, this time not only did all my books load, but the last book I was reading was selected!! *Success*

I am sooo happy that I don't have to use my accidental insurance, and equally happy that I had my BeBook to get me through the difficult evening without my Cybook. It was a very stressful situation and I'm glad it all ended for the best.

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