Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skin for Eee PC - part 2

It's been a bit since I last posted about getting a skin for my netbook. I'm sad to say that after doing lots of thinking and going back and forth, I still have no idea which skin to get. However, thanks to a lovely friend who noticed my dilemma, I now have more choices. *sigh*

There are some very lovely skins at for my netbook, and I have used them before for my iPod. The one I want is only available for the Acer Aspire One though, I may have to email DecalGirl and see if they will make me one for the Eee PC.

If they won't do that for me, I have many more choices over at GelaSkins. Tooo many choices! I kinda like this one, could be fun to have a netbook covered in books. :) Or I could go a bit calmer and get one like this. Will have to keep looking and hope that something jumps out at me and says "Buy Me Now!"


  1. Currently I ma using high quality EEEPC skin covers, It is specially made for automobiles making the skin easy to apply without air bubbles & leaves NO residue if you decide to change to another style.

    EEEPC skin covers

  2. I have a laptop and am looking for a skin that cover's the palm rest area of the laptop. EEEPC skin cover is like a sticker paper where you can print your designs.