Saturday, April 11, 2009

BeBook Dictionary Support

It seems I was wrong, the BeBook can use dictionaries! It works like a paper dictionary in that you open up your dictionary eBook, then lookup the word. I'm very pleased to find that I can continue to use my Mobipocket Dictionaries on the BeBook.

Here are some threads from the BeBook Support Forum which talk about how to lookup words and where to find free dictionaries for your BeBook.
Steps to lookup a word on the BeBook in a Mobipocket dictionary:
  • Load a mobipocket dictionary.
  • Press OK
  • Choose '5'
  • Choose '1'
  • This brings up a software keyboard, which let's you enter text, just like on a mobile phone.

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1 comment:

  1. Running Lbook OS on your bebook you can use dictionary lookup functionality while reading your book. Have a look at
    You can download the dictionary. Just store the files (not the folder) in a folder called 'dict' on your Bebook et voila.

    Have fun