Friday, October 3, 2008

loose tooth :(

This morning I got the dreaded call from Daycare "Please come get your child, he was running with another child and fell after the ran into each other. His tooth is loose and bleeding, he needs to go to the dentist to have it checked" Wow, instant shock/panic Mommy mode!!!By the time I got to him the bleeding had stopped and he was pretty calm.

I took him to his regular dentist, but they didn't have time to see him in the morning and didn't even recognize him from his visit *Yesterday*! I ended up taking him to a new dentist nearby. The people there were very kind and helpful and I got a good feeling from them. Turns out the dentist use to work in the hospital as an emergency dentist so he had seen a lot of bonked teeth. He said that we were extremely lucky. The x-rays showed that the tooth had not been cracked and neither had the bone, also the tooth had not been pushed up into the adult tooth growing underneath it so his permanent tooth should be fine when it comes in. The dentist said that the nerve was likely severed so the tooth will probably discolour, and it will be loose and tender for about a month. Overall it was a good prognosis though. I'll take a discoloured tooth over having to have it extracted any day! We still have to keep an eye on it, there is a chance that it may separate and have to be extracted after all, but it looks good that he will be able to keep it until it is due to fall out on it's own.

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