Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BeBook discount - 25 euros off ($35 US)

If you have been on the fence about whether or not to get one of the new eInk eBook readers, this might be the answer for you! To help you see for yourself I give you a coupon which will give you 25 euros off ($35 US) discount on the BeBook!! Just purchase the BeBook from thier website,, and enter "" in the discount coupon section. The cost of the BeBook would then be $314 US (349.99 - 35) including the leather cover.

I currently have a Cybook, but I'm very interested in the BeBook if only because of the easy to use buttons and Folders for sorting books. Since I'm quite a bookworm and love to read several different books at a time, being able to sort my books into folders by genre or author would be very helpful. I would never look at an eBook Reader that didn't support the Mobipocket format, which I had collected for my Pocket PC, so I was happy to see that BeBook now supports Mobipocket and plans to improve the interface in future firmware updates. Mobipocket support means that I can buy my New Release eBooks from, Books on Board, or any of several other eBook stores online and know that I will be able to read those eBooks on my Cybook, BeBook, iPAQ, and computer, or any other combination of 4 devices I want. With the Sony Reader and Kindle you are limited to using thier propietary bookstores or doing 'format shifting' or other work arounds to read eBooks from other stores. Most modern books are released in eBook format within days of the Hard Cover release, at a lower price. ;)

The BeBook supports the following formats: Mobipocket (prc, mobi), Microsoft Reader (lit), pdf, epub, html, txt, fb2, doc, rtf, djvu, wol, ppt, mbp, chm, bmp, jpg, png, gif, tif, rar, zip, mp3 and over 300.000 of free rss newsfeeds. All these file formats makes it very easy to find reading material that will work on the system! There is 512MB memory on board which allows for the storage of several hundred eBooks. but if you need more room for pictures or mp3 files you can always add in a SD card for more storage.

There is a great review of the BeBook on the MobileRead website which goes over all the main points.
You can also see a few demos of the BeBook on YouTube which shows how it works and the cover which comes with it. A few of the demos say that you can't read new release modern books on the BeBook, but with the addition of Mobipocket support this is no longer an issue.
To help you see for yourself I give you a coupon which will give you 25 euros off ($35 US) discount!! Just purchase the BeBook from thier website and enter "" in the discount coupon section. The cost of the BeBook would then be $364 (349.99 - 35) including a leather cover.

I'm not doing this all just for you though, for everyone that uses my email address as a coupon I get a discount on my own BeBook. So Buy Now and Buy Often! You know you want one, and everyone in your family needs one for Christmas. ;)

Edit March 2009: Unfortunately, due to price drop, coupons are no longer valid for those who pay in dollars. For those who pay in Euros the discount coupon can still be used. The good news is that with the price drop the current cost is almost the same as it would have been with the discount, $279.99 US including the leather case. I would assume that if the price goes back up the coupon will become valid for those of us who would be paying in US dollars.

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