Wednesday, April 4, 2007

French Immersion?

I thought I had it all figured out. We found a Daycare for Son which would take him to to the Kindergarten just a 5 min walk from our home and would also provide "Out of School" care until he is 12 yrs old. This seemed perfect to me. Now I see that they are not taking kids to Kintergarten at our local school next year. This could change by the time that Son is ready to go of course. But it got me thinking.

After talking to one of the teachers at the Daycare I found that the school that most of thier students go to is a French Immersion school. If I want Son to have the benifit of knowing several older students when he first attends school, that would be the one to send him to. Hubby and I have never wanted to send him to French Immersion. We felt that, based on the kids we saw come out of the program, that it allowed for social isolation and wasn't needed in BC. This school also offers an English program so that might be an option. One more thing to think about when I thought it was all decided. *sigh*

Ideally he would go to the local Elemantary School and when he is in gr 2 or 3 I would let him come home after school and do his homework while I finish off my work day at home. The short walk wouldn't hurt him and we live in a safe area so it would be fine. I could even wander over and walk home with him at 3pm. It 5would allow him to do after school activities too as he wouldn't have to leave when the school bus comes to pick him up for After School care. There will be at least 5 older students at that school that he would know from daycare. Which is 5 more than I knew when I first started gr 1. Silly Mommy sent me to the 'better' school instead of the one all my friends were going to.

Am I being obsessive? Do I really need to start thinking/worrying about this now? Son won't even be 4 until August and won't be ready for Kintergarten until September 2008. I guess I like to borrow trouble. I have been thinking more about French Immersion though since my Sister is sending her kids to French School, no English at all. Now that is Immersion!!! She has a good reason for that though, most of her Hubby's family doesn't speak English. In order for her kids to understand thier family on thier Father's side they have to have an understanding of spoken French at least. For my Son living in BC, he doesn't have much of a need for it. I know it is the 2nd official language of Canada and all that, but outside of Gov't jobs there isn't much call for it. It would almost make more sense to send him to a Mandarin Immersion class. :)

Oh well, I will add it to the list of things to research and obsess over. Could be a non-issue if the Daycare starts to service our local Kintergarten next year, which they said was possible. It just depends on how many kids will be attending in which catchment areas.

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