Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sadness is...

Having to give away your kitten because she isn't happy. My Rowan is the sweetest, cuddliest, neediest kitten around. I have had her since she was 4 months old, almost 6 years now.

When it was just her, Spooky, hubby, and me it was all good. Then we had baby boy and suddenly Rowan wasn't the baby any more and she didn't like the change. She was scared of the noisy little person who took all my attention away from her. She spent most of the first year hiding in my bedroom when I was downstairs with the baby and leaving the bedroom when I was in there with the baby. She would leave my lap and cry and baby's door and then be surprised when he woke up and started to cry. She would mark all his things with incredible accuracy hitting nothing else. We finally had to put her on kitty prozack to get her acting 'normal.'

After about 5 months of medicating her we thought she was ok. Baby wasn't as scary and she was actually going to him for head rubs and seemed to accept that he was part of the family. Lately she has gone back to her old habits, finding unique places to urinate like Son's construction helmet and against a plastic bin only a foot from her clean litter box. She constantly goes upstairs and cries for attention when all of us are downstairs, she will even leave a warm lap to do this. I think it might be due to the fact that Son is 3 yrs old now and is more independant and thus scary again. He can be rough when he means to be gentle, he just loves to give her hugs and gentle pats and play with her.

We really don't want to medicate her again, she hated the whole process and would run when she saw us going for the medicine. So it is time to admit that she isn't happy with us and find her a home with someone who can give her the attention that she needs. Hopefully with older children who won't scare her as much as Son does. I have contacted the Bengal Rescue group for my area and will be sending pictures to her soon so that Rowan can be added to the website.

I will miss her.

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