Sunday, October 15, 2006

I love my Kozy

The other day after daycare my 3 yr old son decided that he didn't want to walk from the van to the house. He had to be carried. This was of course on a day where I had lots of stuff to bring inside in addition to his usual lunch kit and art of the day. So I pulled out my Kozy Carrier and strapped him on my back. He was comfy, I had both hands free and he was close enough to my back that my center of gravity wasn't messed up too bad and I could carry everything inside with no problems. The nice thing is that he doesn't seem to weigh as much when in the carrier as he does when I'm just holding him.

This wonderful contraption of a rectangle and 4 straps put together in a fabulous form makes it easy to carry kids from newbord to age 5, or older if you can still lift them. The Kozy site shows the creator being carried on the back of her husband, which shows how strong the carrier is, and how strong her husband is!!! Because there are no clips or buckles it is a custom fit everytime and hubby can use it just as easily as I can. My son is 35 lbs now and I see myself using this carrier for quite a while yet. It lives in the van for just such an occasion. :)

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