Friday, May 12, 2006

Interview Update 2

I had my "in-person" interview yesterday for the other job. It seemed to go well. A Very Early Start! I was there just after 7:30am and left at about 9:30am. I had 3 interviews, HR & Senior Admin, 2 Admins I would be taking work from, and the 4 Managers I would be supporting. They seemed happy with my answers and the questions I asked, one of the managers said it "was a real pleasure meeting me." I'm not sure when I will hear back about the job though. I got the impression that there was a lot of interest in the position, so there will likely be other interviews for them to go through before they can make a decision.I've been wanting a laptop so that I could work part time from home and save some of the rush hour driving. Ironically, after telling my current manager that I was interviewing for another job he got permission, finally, for me to have a laptop. So now i'm leaning towards staying, keeping my seniority and vacation days and cushy job that I know LOL. I have 8 yrs seniority here and the extra vacation days/pay/freedom that goes along with that. I'd be starting over from the begining there. but I won't make my final decision until I see the Offer package, assuming they make me an offer. :)

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