Tuesday, March 28, 2006

When Eyes Get Better

I took a big step today. I went downtown and had my eyes checked to see if I am a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery. Lasik to be exact. The results were good, I have healthy eyes with a low prescription and a thick cornea which is important if I need/want to have surgery done again. This would of course only be needed if (heaven forbid) anything went wrong, or if my eyes "regress" back to where they were, or try to. Or if they come up with a surgery for near sightedness and I find that I want the surgery instead of getting reading glasses. The technician said that I would be a great candidate for regular lasik surgery and in fact was one of the best candidates that he had seen that day!

While there the technician asked me if I ever get headaches or feel like my eyes are straining while wearing my glasses. I said "Yes" and added that I haven't been able to read with my glasses on for quite a while. I feel pretty odd about, it but for the last several months I have had to take my glasses off to do a lot of reading "dead tree" material and also to hand write anything. I mentioned to someone at work about a week ago that I feel like my eyes have gotten better since I got these glasses. Well, it turns out I was right. One eye went from about -2.25 to only -1 and my other eye went from about -2.5 to -1.25, which is quite a difference. The technician started out the eye exam using the prescription that they had pulled from my glasses and it was so blurry I could barely tell there were words on the screen! Amazing!

The Lasik company won’t hand out prescriptions; since they do the initial exam for free they found that people were coming in for the exam and prescription but never booking appointments for surgery. I guess there will always be someone that takes advantage of a system. I have made an appointment with the optometrist on Thursday to get a new prescription so that I can get new lenses put in my glasses. A nice cheep set of lenses since I fully intend to get the surgery done in the summer, once I’ve saved up the money for it. It will be nice to be able to see properly again while waiting for the surgery. By this time next week I should have the new lenses and once again see what the world looks like to everyone else.

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