Monday, March 20, 2006

the Big Meow

I just finished reading the first chapter of The Big Meow. It is a subscription story which provides Book 3 of the Feline Wizardry series by Diane Duane. the Feline Wizardry series is a spin off of the Young Wizard series, before there was Harry Potter, there were Young Wizards! Great books, you must read them, so say I. :)

I sooo enjoyed this first chapter! I recently read the first 2 books so I was very excited when I found out that DD was going to finally get a chance to write Book 3. I was brought right back into the Feline Wizardry universe and felt at home again. My only wish was that the chapter was longer because I hated to see it end. I now have to wait a whole month for the next chapter! There are going to be 10 chapters in all. I wish there were more planned but 10 chapters is better than no chapters. OK enough gushing, back to work for me. Everyone go to the Big Meow website and sign up for your own copy of the chapter!

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