Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reiki Renewal

I just spent a wonderful 3 days with Mari of Jikiden Reiki with Mari. I felt it was time to re-take the Shoden and Okuden levels of Reiki, to make sure what I thought I knew was actually what was being taught. There is always some new aspect to learn, and new questions asked by the other students.

I repeated the Shoden (first level) training in Chilliwack and saw the lovely set up she has in her Reiki room. It was great being able to review my training and meet new Reiki people who were just learning about Reiki and how powerful it can be. Taking the training again brought more depth to my knowledge and reminded me of some of the nuances that I had missed or forgotten from my first training 3 years ago. The entire experience was definitely worth the 3 hr a day travel time! If I decide to repeat my training in Chilliwack again I will be spending the night there instead of driving home each night. I was much more tired than I expected on the 2nd day and actually fell asleep during the 1 hr Reiki session I received while another student practised his new skills. It was a good healing nap though. ;-)

The Okuden (second level) training was offered in Vancouver so a much shorter drive for me. Two of us were reviewing and one was new to the Okuden teaching. It is always interesting to see how the same words mean different things to different people. There were some good discussions about distance healing and how we can use it to help those in need.

It was an excellent experience going through the training again with smaller groups. I feel connected to the Reiki world once again and ready to grow my practice.

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