Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter is still here

Weird white stuff falling from the sky seems to be happening more often lately. First we had a Hail Storm on Thursday which lasted for almost an hour and accumulated enough that in the picture I took it looks looks like snow. I really should have taken a closeup so that you could see the tiny, and not so tiny, balls of ice that make up those snow drifts. Was quite odd driving through a blizzard of hail, and then later that night hearing thunder followed by the ping and thud of hail instead of the steady rhythm of rain.

Now there is actual fluffy snow falling, if it sticks I'll take another picture. I knew it was cold this morning when I bundled Son into his winter jacket, but I really wasn't expecting to see snow. The weather man so rarely gets the predictions right that I really didn't believe him today, I thought it would warm up and we would have rain instead. Oh well, the kids will enjoy it during their breaks from class today. :)

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