Monday, March 22, 2010

No work, still busy

Well I've been 'laid off' for a month now and the time has flown by. I took a week to decompress and get use to the idea of not having to start work at 8:30 every morning. This was a great thing, I caught up on sleep and spent time with my family. Then I got a throat infection and was sick for over a week, not the most fun way to spend the time, but at least I wasn't missing work and feeling guilty while I recovered. Then came Spring Break for my Son's school, I had already planned to take that time off to spend with him. It was a good week :).

Last week I went to day 1 of Career Transition training to learn about how best to start my Job Search journey. The course is put on by Knightsbridge and is part of my severance package from work. I made some good contacts while I was there and while I knew that I would have to 'clean up' and add information to my resume before, now I know that I will have to completely rework my resume to make it more effective. So much work to do as part of looking for work! It's a good thing I have some breathing room and can afford to find a job which is a good fit for me rather than just getting the first job that comes along.
Transition training - Day 1:
- Understanding Career Transition
- Trends and Opportunities in the Marketplace
- Reviewing Your Career
- Developing your Target and Focus
- Understanding how Employers Find People
- Communication Strategies - Resumes and Cover Letters

I'm rather enjoying being home and avaivable for my son, I will miss that when I go to work. My ideal job would be as an Administrative Assistant or Software/Hardware help-desk type Support person either work from home, part-time in the office (10am-2pm), or flexible where I could work from home part of the time and work in the office part of the time. That would allow me to pick up my son from school and set him up with homework while I finish off my work for the day. He is very good at entertaining himself as long as he knows I am available if things go really wrong. I think I have been spoiled by working from home for so long. I have no troubles starting to answer emails at 7am and checking for issues and finishing spreadsheets/documents up to 6pm, or later, since that usually comes along with a bit of flexibility which allows me to drop off and pick up my son from school.

I have no illusions though, likely I will end up with a "9-5" go to the office job, but as long as I enjoy the work and the people I work with this will be fine. I have made sure to keep Son's spot saved for him at Daycare so that I can just slide him back into the system when my new job, whatever it turns out to be, starts up.

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