Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birthdays, Broken Bone, & Adventures

Once again August has proved to be a month to remember.

First the fun stuff. Camping was accomplished and we attended 4 birthday parties in 2 weekends!
  • August 8 - 12 - Hubby and Son went camping with friends in Harrison Hot Springs. I had to work. It might sounds like I was abandoned, but honestly I was kind of relieved not to be tent camping in the rain. I don't sleep as well in an empty house though, so I was pleased when they came home safe and sound.
  • Saturday the 15th - We attended the 6th birthday party of Son's best buddy in the park. Much fun was had by all on the tire swing, climbing equipment and running through the water park. Of course the kids enjoyed destroying the piñata and eating the cake too. :)
  • Sunday the 16th - Son & I walked onto the ferry to Nanaimo to attend his Great-Granny's 91st birthday. This was our first time on the ferry without Dad and also the first time he didn't want to spend the whole time in the Play Area. We spent a lot of time on deck and wandering from place to place on the ferry in both directions.
    The party itself was great, everyone came that could and Son got to spend time playing with his cousins whom he hadn't seen in about 6 months. All the kids moved as a group, total pack mentality. It was fun to watch. Lunch wasn't served till after 3pm so the kids were directed to the veggie and fruit plate. Son focused on fruit and cherry tomatoes of course. :) Great-Granny was thrilled to have so many kids running around.
  • Friday the 21st - Grandma arrived to spend the weekend, she wanted to be here to attend both her grandchildren's birthday parties. Son was thrilled!
  • Saturday the 22nd - We attended my niece's 5th birthday party at a different park. Her father had taken the time to set up a treasure hunt, each group of kids had to find the hidden keys then follow the directions to the buried treasure chest. The kids had a blast going through all the treats and prizes in the chest.
  • Sunday the 23rd - Son had his birthday party at the rec center of Brother-in-law's townhouse complex. All the kids and about 1/2 the adults had a good swim in the indoor pool then came up in time for a lunch of hot dogs/smokies, veggies, and chips. We also provided the kids with the fun of destroying a piñata and the parents the fun of watching them. Grandma left for the ferry with Brother-in-law after the party.
Here is where life starts to get even more interesting!
  • Wednesday the 26th - Oma (Grandma in Dutch) came to visit, she wanted to visit with her aunt and uncle during the day and to be here for Son's actual birthday. While she was off visiting with other family, Son was playing in the playground outside his karate class. Nothing odd about this, he loves to climb all over the equipment and go down the slides. This time he is sharing a spinning wheel (has replaced monkey bars in many playgrounds) with a friend and falls. Again, nothing new, but this time he lands on his arm instead of his feet. He complained that it hurt but there are no lumps or bumps and he can wiggle his fingers so I just took him home, gave him some advil and let him watch some TV. I figured it was a sprain or strain and would get better on it's own. When Hubby got home he took one look at Son's arm and noticed how swollen the elbow was. It was decided to take him in and get that elbow x-rayed. After a few hours in the hospital it was determined that the humerus was fractured near his elbow and he would need a cast. The doctor on call in emergency was pretty confident that we would only need to leave it on for 2 weeks. Son was pretty freaked he had NO idea what a cast was, but he knew he didn't want one! Once he saw what it was and noticed that it didn't hurt as much now that he didn't have to hold his arm up with his other hand he was a bit happier. Son declared this his Worst Birthday Ever! We kinda agree, at least he had his pool party before he broke his arm
  • Thursday August 27th - Son's actual birthday! He got to open Oma's present to him and one of mine first thing in the morning but had to wait for Dad to come home before he could open the rest of our present. I was happy to see that he was able to use his new Tag pen and books with just 1 hand. Son got to take the day off from Kids Club and visit Science World with Oma, at least there were activities he could do one handed there. Oma went home after dinner and birthday cupcakes for desert.
  • Friday August 28th - My sister and her 3 kids (1 girl 1 yr old, 2 boys 5 yrs & 7 yrs) come to spend the weekend with us. They were sorry to have missed the party and actual birthday but understood that there are just so many people that can fit into our townhouse at one time. Cole was sooo happy to see them and thrilled to be able to come with me to pick them up.
  • Sunday August 30th - The Boys had a big adventure!
    My sister and I left Hubby with all 4 kids while we went shopping so that the kids wouldn't be bored. He sent the 3 boys out to play in the back yard while our 1 yr old niece napped. After a while he couldn't hear them anymore, quickly checked the outdoor pool and was relieved to see that they weren't there and that a couple of families were using the pool so that they would be noticed if they went there. He had to go back to the house though as niece was still sleeping. He called to get us to check the school playground on the way home and send the kids back.
    About 45 minutes later I got a phone call asking me where the park was that had "4 slides." Apparently the kids had left our complex, crossed 3 main streets and 2 streets leading to other townhouse complexes, followed a path leading over a bridge, past baseball diamonds, and finally arrived at a playground with 4 slides with other good climbing stuff. They enjoyed the park, maneuvered over the rocks in the creek and generally had a good time. They felt very proud of their adventure, after all they had followed all the rules: they looked both ways at the streets, held hands crossing the street, and the oldest child was tall enough that the cars could see them! It was, of course, explained to them that as good as all that stuff was, it didn't negate the fact that they should have told Hubby where they were going. Son had only been to that park about 10 times in his life and usually rides his bike there. It probably took them about 20 min to walk there.
    Privately I'm pretty proud of them all. The oldest wanted to bail and come back, but stuck with the younger kids when they wouldn't hear of giving up. They made it to the park and back with no mishaps. This says a lot for Son's sense of direction and for all of them for remembering the rules for crossing the road. Can't let Son know quite how proud I am of them though, that might give him more ideas. :D
  • Monday August 31st - Sister and her children went home, the house was quiet again.
  • Wednesday September 2nd - Son had his 2nd bath since getting his cast and somehow managed to get a lot of water in it! None got in the top, so there must have been a hole in the bottom of the bag we used to protect his cast. Poor kid went to sleep clutching a cloth to his cast hoping to soak up some of the water.
  • Thursday September 3rd - We called the Cast Clinic to see just bad it was to get his cast wet. It was recommended that since it wasn't a waterproof cast we should go in and see how bad it was and perhaps replace it. I arrived with Son at about 8:30am. The cast was removed, his arm cleaned and tension bandaged in prep for x-rays. After finally getting the x-rays we had wait for the Dr too look at them and determine how the fracture was healing. I was pretty sure we needed another cast since the Dr who looked at his x-rays on the Tuesday follow-up said we needed at least another 2 weeks. This was confirmed and we got to go back to the cast clinic to have a new waterproof cast put on. Son got to pick what colour he wanted, his first choice was red but he finally decided on orange as signatures would show up better on the lighter colour. All of this took about 3 hrs, Son was finally dropped off at Kids Club in time for lunch. *sigh*
I'm glad it's September now, hopefully the next month won't be nearly as eventful as the past few weeks were!

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