Wednesday, September 30, 2009

@BeBook Mini Arrived Today!!!

As part of my advertising for the Get your FREE BeBook I managed to accumulate 20 referrals which means I qualify to receive 2 BeBooks. As you know I already received my first BeBook in March 2009 and love it. I decided I would see if BeBook would be willing to send me the new BeBook Mini instead of BeBook 'One' for my second BeBook. They agreed! This meant a slight delay in shipping as it hadn't been released yet, but I was willing to wait in order to try out this new bit of technology.

Today it arrived! I'm soo happy about it. It's very cute and seems very usable, will be fun putting it though it's paces. I will do a full review of it later. So far the only thing that concerns me is the lack of a case, I'm not sure what I will use to protect it during transport.

For now here are a few pictures I took after receiving it. Click on the images to see the full size versions.

In the box next to it's "Big Brother"

Everything that comes in the box

Next to "Big Brother"

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