Wednesday, November 21, 2007

eBook Readers

There are/were 3 options that I was/am looking at to replace or suppliment my current PDA an iPAQ 2400.
  1. the new iPAQ 210 which has a 4" VGA screen, I am drooling just thinking about how good my wallpaper and applications would look on this baby. The iPAQ would allow me to use all my calendar functions, link to Outlook, read my eBooks in any format, and play games in full living colour. This is all proven technology and I know it would work for what I need, but I am getting a little bit of eye strain from my current iPAQ. Perhaps the bigger screen and better resolution would help.
  2. the Kindle from should they ever decide to sell it to Canadians. This one I have completely removed from my list. It was high up there before it was released because it had EVDO instant access to the bookstore, Mobipocket support, and more. But now I see that it will only support "Unprotected" Mobi files, this means that the vast library of DRM Mainstream books I have bought over the past 3 years of reading would not be able to be loaded and read on this one. That is a LOT of books!! and I actually re-read my books, over and over again. So this is a HUGE disadvantage for the Kindle, in my view.
  3. the Cybook from Bookeen. This one is pretty good, it is *only* an eBook reader, no bells and whistles. It has a 6" grey scale screen which has the same reading experience as reading print on paper. This would definitely allow me to rest my eyes after a long day at the computer at work. It supports DRM and unprotected Mobi files as well as HTML, Txt, PRC, PalmDoc, PDF. This covers all the file types I read. At $350 US I am seriously considering this one. Hubby thinks I'm crazy for looking at an eBook Reader which isn't backlit, but I don't mind the idea of using a book light to have the convience of 100s of books in one slim package and larger screen with easy to read words.
So now it is between the iPAQ and the Cybook. I will wait a bit and see how the reviews look, and what price the iPAQ comes out at before I decide.

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