Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted! In the last month my tattoo has stopped itching and is now perfect just like I new it would be. I've leased a new 'car' it's a Mazda5, a micro-van. I love it! Finally a car that fits me and still has tonnes of storage room. Son seems to like it too. It's a lovely silvery colour and has auto-everything. It's fabulous.

I've been trying to be more focused on my Reiki and am feeling much better for it. I am starting to get a sense of calm and peace in my life again. Keeping myself grounded and calm helps a lot.

Spooky is soooo cuddly lately. Well, really ever since he became an 'only cat.' He seems to love having 3 humans paying attention to him with no other cat to share the affection with. I'm getting more cuddles and snuggles from him than I ever have before. It's a wonderful thing. Even better is the fact that Rowan is also loving being an 'only cat' in a one person home. She has all the attention she needs and is back to being the Princess.

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