Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I was finally able to get my tattoo done last Thursday, May 3rd. I LOVE it! It is so lovely, the dragon is purrfect, the shading is great, the colour used is exactly what I wanted. I wonder a bit if i should have gone a bit bigger, but I can't change it now. ;)

I will be completely happy with it once it heals. Right now I'm at the itchy, Itchy, ITCHY stage. The tattoo didn't ever scab over, which is good, but it did develope a protective layer of skin which is now peeling off like a sunburn. I'm so glad that it is on my back so that I'm not quite as tempted to dig in my nails and scratch it. The lotion helps it feel better, but I still want it to finish with the itching part!

As soon as it is healed I will have Hubby take a pic and I'll post it.

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