Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Good Deed

I did a good deed today. I have been carrying around a Baby Buddy "Shopping Cart Safety Belt" in my purse just in case we need it at the grocery store for Son. We usually use a super soft deluxe safety belt but sometimes don't remember to transfer it to the other car before we leave. Today at the grocery store, I saw a woman with a small child in the shopping cart seat. The poor child almost fell over as she turned a corner. I got her attention and told her I had a present for her. I pulled out the Safety Belt and gave it to her. She was impressed by how small it was and mentioned that she always forgot to go to Customer Service to get a safety belt, but always used the ones that some stores attached to thier carts. I'm just glad she was happy to take the belt and not upset that I would presume to give it to her. :)

I think I will have to make sure I have a supply of these Safety Belts so that I can give them away. I got mine from The picture on thier site is wrong but they sent me the right thing. My mother was quick to remind me as soon as Son could sit up that the leading cause of head injury in children is falling out of a shopping cart, so all kids should be buckled in.

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