Friday, March 16, 2007

Planning for the Future

Now that I have your attention LOL

Seriously though, I went in today for my tattoo consultation. I brought in my dragon pictures and a picture of Son's birthstone to give them an idea of what I wanted. The consultation was pretty quick Jesse seemed to be on the same wave length as me for how it should look and how to incorporate the stone into the picture. I go in on April 11th to see his drawing and get the tattoo. I am VERY excited about this!!! I have been wanting a dragon tattoo for ages and have wanted to incorporate something that refers to my son since I was pregnant with him. It will be very kewl me thinks *GRIN*

My tattoo will be mostly black & grey with highlights of blue and purple on the dragon and green for the stone. Here are some "small" versions of the pics I left with the tattoo artist:

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