Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rowan still needs a home

Rowan has been posted at the Bengal Rescue site for almost 3 weeks now and no nibbles. She is under the name "Callanish Rowan" http://www.bengalexoticfx.com/burescues.htm
I took her to the vet today and got her all checked out and got the latest vacinations and such. She is healthy and looks good other than her behaviour issues. The vet says that I am doing the right thing given how stressful administering the 'kitty prozac' was for all concerned.
It is hard to think of her going to a new home, especially when it is taking so long to find her a home. I thought that given how cute she is, and the fact that she is a pure bred Bengal, that they would be lining up for her. But that was not the case. I know that the reason I haven't heard from anyone yet is that the right person for her hasn't seen her yet. But it is still hard to wait.

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