Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Not Boring

I had quite a scare on Thursday when I discovered that I couldn't read the screen of my laptop from the couch. I had been able to read it from that distance on Wednesday. I found that if I put drops in my eyes and rested them for a bit I could see clearly for about 10 min, and then I would have to put more drops in my eyes. So I took a sick day and had a nap before my appt with the optometrist. I drove to my husbands work place because I knew the route well, and had him drive me downtown for my appt so that I wouldn't have to deal with crazy traffic and parrallel parking.

It turns out that I have really really dry eyes right now. They gave me an eye gel to lubricate my eyes and suggested I get some eye plugs put in to keep the tears in my eyes longer. I went ahead and got the temporary plugs put in and things seemed better. The only down side is that by the next day I had already lost 1 plug, and as of Monday I had lost the other. :( After doing some reading it seems that about 50% of the plugs are lost in the first 3 months (mine were suppose to dissolve after 3 months) and if you loose the plugs once you are more likely to loose them again. *sigh* So getting more temporary plugs is really not an option. From what I've read there is a fancy new kind of permanent plug which conforms to the exact size and shape of the punctum so that it won't fall out or be expelled or be rubbed out. I just hate to spend more money on it. Then again, they are my eyes, I gotta take care of them.

We went to the Island to see the In-Laws this weekend. It was actually pretty stress free. Cole is old enough now that we don't have to be watching him every second and he can entertain himself quite well with the toys Grandma has for him. She has lots of books there for us to read to him as well. Also, for once hubby didn't spend most of him time in the computer room. This meant that we both watched Cole instead of just me.

Cole got to go on his first ever boat ride on a fishing boat. The trip out he stayed right beside me and held on the whole way, even when we stopped to drop the crab and prawn traps. After lunch, on the trip back, he was running up and down the small isle trying to get out into the back of the boat and almost skipping. He was fascinated watching Grandpa cleaning the crabs and prawns that he had caught in the trap. It was a good day. Very bright for my eyes, but a good day.

We had lunch with Mum on Monday, just a quick 2hr visit before we went home and Cole got yet more presents for his birthday. I don't think he has a real idea of what a birthday is. He has gotten presents scattered over 2 weeks! First a birthday party with his best buddy the week before his birthday, a party at daycare, then presents at Grandma's then more presents from Oma, and yet more present from Mum and Dad when we got home! That is quite an extended birthday!

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