Thursday, July 20, 2006

the Eyes have it

I've set my appointment to have a Doctor (highlight the next part to see details) cut into my eyes with a fancy razor blade, fold back the flap, drill them with lasers, and finally drop down the flap again. Yes, I am going to have Laser Eye surgery done.

This time next month I will be sans glasses. I will be going in on a Thursday and having the surgery done. Hubby will drop me off and then come back to collect me some 6 hrs later. This seems like a long time to be in the clinic when the surgery itself only takes 10 min... for both eyes!!! But there are inspections of the eyes, drops, dilations, and monitoring to be done. I guess it is better than getting the surgery and walking out again in 20 min. Apparently eye surgery is so popluar in the US that they have stalls set up in some shopping malls!!!

I will be sure to load my iPod up with many hours of Audiobooks and music so that I don't get bored from all the waiting. I know that my vision won't be good enough to actually read while I'm waiting, which is what I would normally do.
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon was just released on, 32+ hrs of highlander goodness! That should get me through the waiting with little trouble. I am a sucker for buying audiobook versions of stories I've read previously, I have the first 5 Outlander books in paperback already. There is something about having a book read to me that brings me back to my childhood when Mum use to read to be before bed. It's a good thing.

I won't be allowed to drive for 48hrs, so no going to work for me until the following Monday. I can stay home and watch Season 1 of Gilligan's Island. *Grin* A buddy from work lent it to me about a month ago, so far I've seen the Pilot and Episode 1. It's so hard to watch shows that only I like. If it was "Backyardigans" or "Star Gate: SG1" I'd have already seen all the episodes by now. But hubby and baby don't like Gilligan's Island. :( Oh well, this will be a good excuse to watch it

I'm will need to make up a new User Pic me thinks. ;) Wondering if I should keep it the same and just remove the glasses, or go completely di
fferent. Purple mohawk maybe?? Green Highlights? Avatars can be fun. *Grin*

Edit July 21 - changed font colour to white for the graphic part at the top. Sorry Wicca! :(

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