Wednesday, July 5, 2006

3 card reading

Feedback and suggestions on meanings of the cards would be greatly appreciated! I'm sooo rusty in my Tarot readings but saw the cards and had to shuffle and draw just a few. Past - Present - Future using Hudes Tarot Past: Knight of Cups - emotion under control. In my case tied down and rightly so. Now it's finding it's balance and I can trust my emotions not to lead me down the dark path when I'm not paying attention. I think I am coming out of a tunnel. This is a good thing. Present: Six of Wands - a certain amount of success/achievement has been accomplished and more to come, what direction to go in now. What cost, what help will be needed Future: The World - all encompasing, coming together of aspects of life. The hands are reaching towards each other and finding harmony. The leaves are green and growing, living. After reading what I have just written here, I'm reminded of a line in a song "the future's so bright, gotta wear shades" I hope this is the case. It will be interesting finding out.

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